Why I’m Online

Sep 03

I seem to always have quite a bit on my mind when it comes to how we as Christians (both individually and as a Church) should live out our faith. I have plenty of questions, and also quite a few opinions. It seems like blogging might be a good way to probe my mind, and if you would like to probe with me, I welcome you. At times you might think I’m “out of my Falkan mind,” and I won’t dispute that. Feel free to add your insights.

But one thing to remember: it’s one thing to spout out ideas and critiques in the online world…it’s another thing to live out my faith in the world around me. And this is where I need the most help. Hopefully, this blog will propel me, and maybe you, to this end. So with that being said/blogged, welcome.
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  1. WOW TIM! I’m running your blog off and it is 6 pages! YOU REMIND ME OF MICHAEL IN THIS ASPECT! He has written SO MUCH INCREDIBLE STUFF>> I just hope he has it somewhere safe! I’m sending yours to him.

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