The Next Best Thing

Apr 14

The Next Best Thing

Recently, I have been really appreciating the times that I’ve had the opportunity to pray with various people in our church. So curiously…Outside of salvation through Jesus, can anyone think of anything more beneficial to have in one’s life other than a good group of people who pray with you regularly? I’m having a hard time thinking of anything. Perhaps owning a Bible? Anything else?


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    And to clarify, receiving the Holy Spirit and having a personal relationship with God are included in my definition of salvation.

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    Kind of related, but seeing God work in people’s lives, hearing people share their breakthrough experiences, knowing they are drawing closer to Jesus. If I had even a small part to play in it, it’s one of the greatest joys ever.

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    chogaijin /

    Having a husband/wife/children to share the word and joy of God with.

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