Which Denomination Am I?

Nov 04

Which Denomination Am I?

I think there are many Christians who are a little frightened by how many different denominations there are out there, and so they just pick a church that has the worship style they like, and don’t pursue it further. Or perhaps they just pick a non-denominational church to play it safe. But in the back of their minds they wonder…which denomination would I belong to if I knew what their differences are? Which one best represents what I think the Bible teaches?

So I decided to create a chart that lists some of the theological differences. To be fair, I had to generalize. And I couldn’t list all the differences–just some main ones. And the chart doesn’t take into account worship style differences or how churches operate (does the congregation vote? do they have elders who call all the shots? does a bishop have authority over local churches?). So let me know what you think. Would you change any of the descriptions? Do you think another denomination ought to be included? (I didn’t include Orthodox Christians, so if someone wants to suggest how to fit them in, go for it.)

Here are the denominations I included:

  1. Assemblies of God
  2. Baptists
  3. Calvary Chapel
  4. Catholic
  5. Charismatics
  6. Charismatic Baptists
  7. Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)
  8. Church of God (Anderson, Indiana)
  9. Episcopalian
  10. Evangelical Covenant Church
  11. Evangelical Free Church
  12. Freewill Baptists
  13. Lutheran (ECLA)
  14. Lutheran (Missouri Synod)
  15. Nazarene Churches
  16. Non-Denominational
  17. Presbyterian (PCA)
  18. Presbyterian (USA)
  19. United Methodist Church
  20. Vineyard Movement
  21. Wesleyan Church

So let me know which one you turned out to be! Without further ado (click to enlarge)…





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