Jesus or Barabbas?

Sep 24

Jesus or Barabbas?
Which is more harmful to Christianity and to the world–having an incorrect doctrine of the Trinity or displaying un-Christlike behavior and attitudes towards others, especially unbelievers? I believe it’s the latter. Maybe I am speaking out too much, but I’m starting to see the repercussions of the great carnality that has continued to exist within contemporary American Evangelicals–including me.
The alarm was already started with people like A.W. Tozer about the carnality he saw in our worship gatherings. He would be appalled today. For a long time, we have been consumed with growing empires, fighting amongst ourselves, and gaining political power/influence. I see little difference between us today and the Pharisees of Jesus’ day. And like the Jews of that time period, we are repeating the mistake of expecting the Messiah to deliver us from Roman tyranny.
Jesus refuses to do so, and it feels like we’ve traded Him for Barabbas.
Barabbas represents the flesh–Jesus the spiritual. We must not shame Jesus publicly all over again, the correct party to crucify is the flesh. I do not think the full nature of the systemic problems will be appreciated by us until several generations from now. And I’m also starting to believe that it won’t be seen until after we’ve been paired down by genuine maligning from the rest of society. In the past, I’ve said that while I don’t wish it, I think persecution is coming. I’m slowly starting to wish for it. I don’t see another solution, and I’m tired of seeing Jesus misrepresented systemically. Christians think the answer is “revival,” in which they mean seeing a societal change toward God. I don’t think that’s going to happen, nor do I see it as the solution to American Evangelicals’ problems. I think the only solution is American Evangelicals being stripped of influence and respect to the point where we must turn away from our strategies, alliances, and self-importance, and return with humility to the Lord.

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