The Search For Truth

Dec 15

I’ve heard this said before, and as awkward as it sounds, I agree with it: “If I had to choose between the truth or Jesus, I’d pick the truth.”

Before anyone things I’m a heretic, let me explain:

Unlike many other religions, Christianity is based on truth. For example, if Jesus didn’t really rise from the dead, Christianity is a lie. And if Jesus didn’t really rise from the dead, I refuse to continue as a Christian. That’s because I want to know the truth.  I’m a Christian because I believe it is the truth.

Some people just want to find a religion that makes them happy, or that agrees with their sense of right/wrong, or that brings them fulfillment. Christianity for them is a good option for choosing how to live one’s life. But that’s not the basis of Christianity.

It’s basis is that the events recorded in Scripture actually happened, and that Jesus is who He said He is. That means we can trust Jesus and we can trust His word. The apostles didn’t die for their faith in Jesus, because they could “dig” His way of life (it was actually a difficult way of life). They died for the faith, because they knew He had risen and He was the Son of God who died to save the world from its sins.

If you are currently struggling to figure out which religion one should follow out of the many choices out there, let me give you some advice: go with the truth. Don’t go with what simply appeals to you. If after investigation, you determine that Jesus was a liar, or that He had deluded himself into thinking He was some sort of savior/messiah, then what can I say? But if you are convinced that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, then be confident in Him. Don’t shy away from the truth.

Christians shouldn’t be afraid of the truth, even when it contradicts what we’ve always believed to be true. Either what we’ve always believed is a misrepresentation of what Scripture says, or the “truth” which contradicts the belief really isn’t true, and in the end will be proven as such.

Or, the final possibility is that Christianity itself isn’t true, and as a result isn’t worth committing to. Because the only thing worth committing to is the truth. I believe Jesus is true, and that Scripture is true. While it is a step of faith to believe that, I would rather have faith in what I believe is true than to play it safe with what is false.

(My next post will give some reasons as to why I believe Christianity is true.)


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    Major like. Either Christianity is true and should be observed wholeheartedly or it isn’t true and it’s pointless to be observed at all. There really should be no other calculation to whether you are a Christian than whether you believe it to be true.

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    This is kind of how I feel about Christianity and science. Christians should not be afraid to pursue science, or even to study the theory of evolution, etc., because we should not be afraid of learning the truth. That doesn’t mean I believe in evolution. But I see no problem with studying it as a theory, because in the end, I believe either it will be proved false or it will be found to not contradict Scripture as some think it does now.

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