Homeless Blog Looking For A Nice Place To Stay For Awhile

Dec 03

Homeless Blog Looking For A Nice Place To Stay For Awhile

Dear People Who Read Me,

My old place--needed some fixin' up, as you can see.

To the countless masses of who read me so dutifully and faithfully, I ask a favor. After being hosted by (company name redacted) for a year or two, I feel it is time for me to move on to another place to rent out space. While I paid my rent each month, the space was a little cramped, and the landlord didn’t do a good job of fixing things up in a timely manner. So I’m trying out a new web host company to see if this works out better.

My new place, hopefully--even has sidewalks and underground utilities.

How can you help? Well, of course I’d appreciate any money you could spare to pay the rent (it’s a bit higher here), but I’m realistic–I don’t expect that to happen. But what would help out is if you wouldn’t mind browsing through several blog posts today. I’d like to see what happens to my home (server) when lots of guests (web traffic and hits) stop by.

My webmaster, Tim, (who dutifully and faithfully writes everything I tell him to) will monitor my status to see if this new home will hold up. And if you notice me being more sluggish than usual when you click on pages or anything, please send me a note (you can comment below on this post, or comment on Facebook), so I can pass it on to Tim.

I mean, really…is this too much to ask? I’ve been giving you lots of deep thoughts and spiritual insights for almost a year now. It’s just a small way to give back.

Live Long And Prosper,

Out Of My Falkan Mind

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  1. While you’re asking for clicks, you should have added Google adsense and suggested some of those clicks go there. 😉

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